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  • Are you passing the test?

    Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord.  See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain.  You also be patient.  Establish you hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand...My brethren, take the prophets, who spoke in the name of the Lord, as an example of suffering and patience.  Indeed we count them blessed who endure.  You have heard of the perseverance of Job and seen the end intended by the Lord--that the Lord is very compassionate and merciful. (James5:7-11 NKJV)

    It has been said that character develops daily, not in a day. If you continue to do the heart work, which is typically hard work, daily victories compound and the inevitable result is growth over time.  How are you handling those daily tests? The tests can appear small, insignificant even or they can also be those moments that can effect every area of your life. 

    Do you have what it takes to pass the test?

    I've always admired Josheph's up and down story and the processit took for him to become the man God created him to be. Before Joseph could ever manage all of the power given to him in Egypt, he first needed to spend some time in God's "slow cooker" seasoning as a slave and prisonerJohn C. Maxwell says, "Only in testing do people discover the nature and depth of their character.  People can say anything they want about their values, but when the pressure is on, they discover what their values really are."

    The pressure was certainly on for Joseph during his early years, but there could have been no other way for growth to take place.  Gold is purified only after it passes repeatedly through the fire.  Diamonds are created only under extreme pressure.  And your character is strengthened only through trials.

    When people react positively to trials, many remarkable things can happen.  Allow your heart to be developed daily.


  • Be Refreshed

           During the past few months, the leadership team at Peoples Church has been reading through Revision by Dr. John Bowling.  It's a good read about renewing your passion and commitment in your work, ministry, and life.  Plenty of takeaways to catalyze change and/or renewed energy in anything that you do!  Here is a small excerpt from the chapter titled "ReFRESH":

          "Leaders are men and women of the horizon--looking out there into the future, standing on tiptoes, leaning forward, faces pressed toward the glass to catch a glimpse beyond the now.  The task of helping refresh one's work and life is embedded in the ability to see something new.  Once they see the future, others begin to see it as well.  Vision carries with it a magnetic power..."

          It's so easy to get distracted by what we will call Cows(crisis of the week).  These are issues that happen in our work and our home life that keep us running at an absurd speed, constantly putting out fires, and feeling like nothing is being changed or produced through our efforts.  When chasing Cows for a long period of time, passion will diminish and all you will have left is apathy.  The enemy of enthusiam and the ability to see something new is always apathy. 

         Let's bring this to a personal level.  What's your "next"in your life?  Not what your next home will be or vacation you are saving for.  Where in your life is their fresh vision, magnetic power?  Have you been distracted by the Cowsfor so long that all you have left to give your spouse and children is indifference?  Of course we would never intend for this to happen...but it can and does happen. We know this.  We've lived it.  If you find yourself running on empty, I want to leave you with some encouragement and direction.  The best place to start is by praying a simple, yet life altering prayer, "Lord, stir in me a holy passion!"  Simple and to the point, yet once prayed prepare for the Lord to begin the work only He can do.  You will find that He does not demand for you to merely do moreor try harder,but it is an invitation to His rest.When in His rest, you will find that your heart can finally be refreshed!

    Psalm 23:1-3 "The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul..."

  • What do great_________do?

    I came across this article (click) about leadership and have enjoyed going through the tips listed.  The writer starts by asking this question, "What do great leaders do that other leaders (average and, well, poor) don't?  The writer points out 21 different priniciples/disciplines that will strengthen your influence, I encourage you to check it out.  For this post we're going to take a different spin on a few of these principles and reask the question to focus on our personal and home lifes. It's so easy to get caught up in the grind of just doing life, bouncing from one "important" thing to another. The pressure to succeed in work and life seems relentless and before you know it the things we claim that we value are often the first to be neglected.  By being an average (fill in the blank), can we really expect to leave a legacy worth following?

    Here is our new question, "What do great fathers (mothers, husbands, wives, adults, teens, etc.) do that others don't? 

    1. Work on your character

    Be a better person in private than you are in public.  Your public "face" will eventually wear off and reveal what's really going on.  No matter how polished you think you are, character flaws will always sink the ship.  You want to win your spouse's and children's heart?  Be your best where it matters (home) the most.


    2. Refuse to make excuses

    You can make excuses, or you can make progress, but you can't make both.  If something is off in your life, address the issue and start moving forward again.  Don't point your finger, unless you're in front of a mirror. 


    3. See the opportunity, not the obstacle

    Some people only see the negative and obstacles, this is evident on how we handle our stress and "cows" (crisis of the week).  Great (fill in the blank) won't allow their circumstances to control their behaviors.  While others give up, those who are trying to be great will work through the problem until they find the opportunity. 


    4. Schedule their priorities

    What on your calendar is receiving your best energy? Before we begin rationalizing our crazy schedules, we also need to realize that everything else is receiving your "leftovers".  What is it that you really value? Does your priorities filter through these values?  If they're not, then you may be starving the very thing you need the most. 


    5. Leave people better than you found them

    Everyone leaves a wake.  The choices were making, the things we say, even our body language is leaving an impression on others.  Poor (fill in the blank) will sometimes leave a trail of disappointment and pain. But those that are striving to be great leave a legacy, because they leave people better than they were when they found them.   When was the last time you were concerned with making someone else's world better?  Even the smallest pebble leaves a wake, so does our smallest encounters with others.


    Your character is always on display.  Character is one of the most important things that you have.  How are you investing in yours?  What else would you add to this list?


    Go Deeper:

    Romans 5:3-5

    Galatians 5:22-23

    1 Timothy 4:12

    Matt. 12:35



  • What's your 1% this year?










    How are your New Year resolutions going so far? Are you still moving forward, going strong after the vision you have for 2019? Self-improvement, or at least the desire for it, is something most of us aim for. Research says, 40% of Americans proclaim bold resolutions every year, but only 8% of us stick with it. That’s not surprising. We know this to be true. Most of the time, we feel disappointed about our goals, and put them off for next year’s resolution list. How about this year we try something different? What would life look like, if we commit ourselves to just a 1% improvement in the most important areas?

    It’s so easy to overestimate the importance of one defining moment, and underestimate the value of making small, daily improvements. Too often, we convince ourselves that massive success requires massive action. Whether it’s losing weight, building a business, improving relationships, growing spiritually, or achieving any other goal, we put too much pressure on ourselves to make one, extraordinary improvement, that will instantly change the trajectory of our lives.

    Our goal shouldn’t be instant success. Rather, our focus should be on developing small habits over time, that will stack up. Consider a different approach this year; incremental change. Daily improving by a mere 1% may not seem noteworthy, but it can prove far more meaningful, especially in the long run. If we grow 1% better each day, for one year, we will compound success, and the overall direction of our lives will change. The same way that money multiplies through compound interest, the effects of our habits multiply as we repeat them.

    Here’s the challenge:

    What’s the 1% improvement you can make in your marriage and with your children today? We’re not even going to talk about what you want to change this year…We’re only talking about today. Try putting your phone away at 7PM each night to reduce your social media use. You’re not throwing away all your social media. You’re simply making a small change to your evening routine, to now invest more time with your family.

    How about your walk with God? Is there a 1% difference you can make in the way you approach your prayer life or devotions? Maybe you have an ambitious goal of waking before 6AM each day to read the Bible, but already you’re feeling defeated and running out of steam. Perhaps your 1% improvement is to write a scripture on an index card, you can keep in your pocket all week. Read your scripture and meditate on it throughout the day, rather than choosing a Bible reading time you know will be a huge hurdle for you.

    Whatever it is, start with 1% each day. What starts as a small win will accumulate into something much more. Tiny changes can produce amazing results!

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