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  • Jesus + "something else"

    To be complete in Christ, as Paul puts it in Colossians 2:9-10, encompasses every single facet of our life. The blessings of Jesus should be changing us not only in the most difficult of moments, but maybe even more so in the little moments of life. The little moments tell us a lot about where our hearts really are. The little moments reveal the honest condition of what’s happening in our private lives! What’s your response when someone offends you? When someone else at work receives the admiration or promotion, how do you handle that? You’ve been diligently trying to improve your livelihood but never seem to find contentment; why is that? It’s in the little moments we answer a critical question, “Is Jesus enough?”

    Do you need Jesus, plus something else, to have peace, joy, or comfort? The “something else” is typically tied to enslaving sin we have not allowed the Lord to handle. When it comes to being complete or full in Christ, we don’t need something else. He is enough and has broken the power of sin and condemnation that weigh on us.

    In Colossians 2:14-15, Christ makes his victory public by subjecting these powers to open ridicule. Here is how one commentator puts it:

    “The Roman triumphal procession was the best way to bring home to people, that their returning generals had been winning genuine victories. No one in town that day could possibly be ignorant of what had happened as hundreds of weary prisoners of war were paraded, straggling behind the conquering army. Shamed and exposed to public gaze, everyone could see that there is nothing to fear from these once-proud soldiers…Paul is intent on showing that true spiritual freedom was won for all God’s people through the cross of Christ. It is impossible for anyone to know this King and to not know his glorious victory.”

    Jesus has conquered the enemy! Whatever forces used to intimidate or agonize you, have now been exposed and paraded in defeat. Even more so, our King’s glorious victory is not just for what we may consider significant issues, but also in the everyday, little moments that affect our hearts! If Jesus is enough, then certainly we can experience victory in any of our moments!

  • Light The Lamp

    "Oh lord, please light the fire,
    That once burned bright and clean.
    Replace the lamp of my first love,
    That burns with holy fear."

    (Oh Lord, Your beautiful)


    My prayers have been simple lately, "Jesus, set my heart aflame for You."  Everyday, all day, this is where I desire my heart to be.  There are so many distractions and things in life that can take our attention and focus, but only Jesus can truly captureand ignitethe heart!  If you find yourself in a place of boredom and apathy, my encouragement for you is to get that lamp aflame again.  The apostle Paul says that when we are baptized into Christ, we have then put on Christ Jesus.  This is the Christian lifestyle.  My agenda is now different.  The way I view my world is now completely different.  My heart is only given over to one Master, not a multitude. 

    The question is, are we willing to proceed in life without His presence?  Are you willing to settle for religion, rather than transformation?  Let your first love, be the way you always love. 



  • What's your 1% this year?










    How are your New Year resolutions going so far? Are you still moving forward, going strong after the vision you have for 2019? Self-improvement, or at least the desire for it, is something most of us aim for. Research says, 40% of Americans proclaim bold resolutions every year, but only 8% of us stick with it. That’s not surprising. We know this to be true. Most of the time, we feel disappointed about our goals, and put them off for next year’s resolution list. How about this year we try something different? What would life look like, if we commit ourselves to just a 1% improvement in the most important areas?

    It’s so easy to overestimate the importance of one defining moment, and underestimate the value of making small, daily improvements. Too often, we convince ourselves that massive success requires massive action. Whether it’s losing weight, building a business, improving relationships, growing spiritually, or achieving any other goal, we put too much pressure on ourselves to make one, extraordinary improvement, that will instantly change the trajectory of our lives.

    Our goal shouldn’t be instant success. Rather, our focus should be on developing small habits over time, that will stack up. Consider a different approach this year; incremental change. Daily improving by a mere 1% may not seem noteworthy, but it can prove far more meaningful, especially in the long run. If we grow 1% better each day, for one year, we will compound success, and the overall direction of our lives will change. The same way that money multiplies through compound interest, the effects of our habits multiply as we repeat them.

    Here’s the challenge:

    What’s the 1% improvement you can make in your marriage and with your children today? We’re not even going to talk about what you want to change this year…We’re only talking about today. Try putting your phone away at 7PM each night to reduce your social media use. You’re not throwing away all your social media. You’re simply making a small change to your evening routine, to now invest more time with your family.

    How about your walk with God? Is there a 1% difference you can make in the way you approach your prayer life or devotions? Maybe you have an ambitious goal of waking before 6AM each day to read the Bible, but already you’re feeling defeated and running out of steam. Perhaps your 1% improvement is to write a scripture on an index card, you can keep in your pocket all week. Read your scripture and meditate on it throughout the day, rather than choosing a Bible reading time you know will be a huge hurdle for you.

    Whatever it is, start with 1% each day. What starts as a small win will accumulate into something much more. Tiny changes can produce amazing results!

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