VBS is underway!  We're having a blast learning just exactly "What's in the Bible?" and why it's important for us today!  You and your family can still make it for the last two days!  Dinner is at 5:30PM and the event starts at 6PM.  There is a special parent/grandparent small group that meets from 6:45-7:30PM. 


5 Reasons why you should come to VBS:

1. Kids love it. If you’re doing it right, VBS is just plain fun, and the kids love it. Fun is, of course, not the end all and be all of children’s ministry, but it is a big selling point. When kids are having fun, they are more apt to be paying attention and learning, and they are more likely to invite their friends.

2. It is an opportunity to share the gospel of Christ. For some, this may be the only time in which someone will share just how great Jesus is!

3. It gives the kids in your church a chance to spend some time together. In addition to reaching out to the community, VBS let’s your kids spend some time together and continue to build those relationships. 

4. It gives adults a chance to serve and see how much fun and how rewarding working with kids can be. Sometimes it can be challening to serve long-term in childrens ministry (i.e Sunday School).  VBS gives adults the opportunity to serve for a week and have a blast with the kids!

5. You can’t buy that kind of excitement.  That is the kind of excitement we should feel about God and about his Good News every day, and VBS week helps to remind us of that.

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The next two nights are going to be great, see you then!


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Located in Bourbonnais, Illinois, we are a praying church dedicated to the transformation of our community and the world by the powerful message of Jesus Christ.

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