Marriage and Family

Healthy family relationships take a lifetime of commitment to learn, to sacrifice and to grow. Through mentoring, workshops, and consistent full-family events, we build strong families for generations.

From the very beginning, God establishes the family as ‘good.’ Through this lifelong covenant between a man and a woman, God perpetuates blessing, intimacy, discipleship, and legacy for every generation the world has known.

At Peoples Church, we support the family as God’s design for:

  • Learning and enjoying the profound mystery of His love and connection with us.
  • Raising children as mature followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Perpetuating the kingdom of God throughout human history.


God began family through covenant…marriage. This lifelong union between a man and a woman uniquely reflects the mystery of the everlasting union between Christ and His Church. Not to be entered into lightly, marriage is sacred and holy.


Another profound mystery. The Bible establishes sex’s purpose and science affirms it. Intercourse ties partners in an unbreakable, emotional, and spiritual bond. God intended this to strengthen the covenant for a lifetime. To engage in intercourse before marriage is to reject God’s design and enter relational bonding meant for covenant. Outside of the safety of lifelong vows, sex can wound in lasting ways.

Sex also gives us offspring. What a miracle! This is not some evolutionary mishap. Our Creator intends humanity to enjoy the legacy of family, in the safety of commitment.


Should God grant us children, our most important calling is to raise them to know and love Jesus. While churches are great places for kids to follow others’ examples of worship, we hold the family as the primary teacher of the faith. The Bible establishes parents’ responsibility to disciple their children in God’s Word and His Ways. Peoples Church strives to resource parents and families to incorporate discipleship in the home.

Having kids in the Sunday Services can be a culture shock to those who grew up in children’s church. For those families who have trusted us with this shift in discipleship, the fruit is showing. Kids are engaging in faith development in church and in the home. They are asking questions, leading us in worship, and following our example of faithfulness before God.