First Love "Talk"

"So likewise, whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple." Luke 14:33


We have wrapped up our February series "Aligning Our Hearts with Christ's Passion" with a powerful service about "Radical Commitment".  Pastor Greg has challenged us to remember those "first love" moments we had with Jesus and to really evaluate if we still have the "practice" of love and not just the "pledge".  The pledge and the practice behind love is necessary in our marriages and just as significant in our relationship with Jesus.  Without the practice, first love destroyers can quickly find a home in our hearts.  First love destroyers focus on giving the devil a foothold in your life to destroy any passion you have for Jesus. 

The energy to your Christian walk has everything to do with Jesus Christ and your passion for Him!  To get your first love and radical commitment back, start up that "first love talk" you used to have with Jesus!  Remember how you used to talk when you first fell in love with Jesus?  Remember how you used to pray?  How you used to serve?  How being with Jesus was the only thing you actually wanted to do?  Get that back!  What ever the cost, He is worth it! Lift the spiritual bar again and go all in!