How will you respond?

The moment when hardship comes, where does our mind then go?

Hardships, storms, trials, whatever we want to call them are always one moment away. Life will be cruising along and then out of nowhere we receive a bad phone call, a business deal goes south, a relationship comes to an end, etc. Difficulty is promised. At these moments, one’s character, resolve, and faith is tested. How will you respond? Are we drawn into our circumstances or are we taking these moments to allow Jesus to become our peace, strength, and joy in the midst of the storm?

It’s at these moments our mind and heart can be crippled with worry, fear, and what seems impossible. But then Jesus enters into the scene! We must allow our mind to daily marinate in the truth that nothing is impossible with God (Matt.19:26). Nothing. No matter how dark or hopeless the report may be, we are promised that our God is able to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think!