Pioneer Spirit

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Eph. 3:20


How do you keep a fresh hunger for God? How do you continue to elevate your vision for your life at church, home, and the marketplace? Start by convincing yourself of the fact that God can do more! He is not done in you yet!

Ephesians 3:20 should stir you up again, out of your comfort, and get you moving out of ruts! It’s time to cultivate the Pioneer Spirit! Here are five choices a pioneer will make:

1. Have a Decided Heart

· Get your clear YES in your life, so you can eliminate the fluff!

· Have a passion for the future!

2. No Plan B

· Once you have a clear ‘yes’ you are passionate about, this is the path you will follow. No exit strategies. No reinforcements are coming. You’re wholly trusting God!

· Have courage in the pain. Obey God, even when it hurts. Choose courage!

3. Optimism

· Pioneers choose optimism. It will not be a fleeting feeling. No, they constantly make the decision to eliminate toxic attitudes from their thoughts and vocabulary.

· If you find yourself in a wilderness—check your attitude! Pessimistic attitudes are a sure sign that the wilderness is near.

4. No Settling

· Stick to your clear YES. Don’t ever give up. Even when it hurts, and others are turning back, choose to press forward. Hold onto the promise, “if you don’t grow weary while doing good, at the right time you will reap a harvest (Gal. 6:9).”

· Pioneers are invested in others. Taking risks and enduring pain is not merely for the benefit of the here and now. The choices and accomplishments made today, are the foundation for the next generation to stand and build upon!

5. Be a Person of Action

· Refuse to be defeated! No matter the circumstances, or what the cynics may say, pioneers don’t retreat or stay down forever! People with a Pioneer Spirit know, when they’re weak, God’s power can then be made perfect! There is much confidence to gain, when understanding God is for you, and has given you the gifts and power needed to overcome, whatever comes your way.


God is already doing more than you could ever ask or think. Cultivate the Pioneer Spirit, and refuse to stay behind!