The Convenient Jesus

The American culture boasts in its convenience.  Everything is better when done more simply and less time consuming.  We've become the impatient nation.  We like our fast food.  We use the self-checkout lanes in grocery stores.  Pay extra for overnight shipping.  We want fast answers to complex issues such as the economy, relationships, social justice issues, etc.  We even prefer to speak in half sentences and use emoticons to share how we are feeling! 

We're busy people (another topic for some other day), so convenience is not all that bad.  It has it's pros, but are there any boundaries?  How would you feel if we can create a church experience that is super convenient to your schedule, pleases your short attention span, requires very little participation, and will make sure God doesn't do something crazy like, you know, show up?  Sounds like a radical way to follow Jesus, right? 

Let's just get to it.  Convenience needs its boundaries and we've probably allowed things to bleed into the Church for to long.  Our desire to "win" people by making Jesus convenient has backfired.  We've created "converts" with no fire in their hearts and who avoid the risk of faith at all costs. There is nothing in the New Testament that is safe.  Jesus is anything but safe.  Jesus isn't looking for cheerleaders, He is seeking men and women who will follow Him into the game.  Convenience is all about you, but following Jesus is ALL about Him! 

Convenient based Christians are focused on their own interests, worries, fears, priorities, and lifestyles.  Disciples are focused on Jesus.  Period.

Convenient Christians are comfortable.  Disciples make sacrifices

Convenient Christians prefer just to hear the word of God.  Disciples are about living it.

Convenient Christians are occasionally involved in the mission of Jesus.  Disciples are committed to it. 

Convenient Christians will rationalize sin.  Disciples will repent


There is so much more to following Jesus then just merely putting Him on your weekly calendar.  How about we take the restraints of comfort and convenience off of us and begin trusting that He actually can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think!  When we start to do that, buckle up, your about to encounter an adventure that is well worth everything that you are and have!